Business Enhance Program

Half Day Coaching and Mentoring Session

The Business Enhance Program is designed to provide you with a half-day focused session to help you get on top of some immediate issues that you want to take control of to give yourself and your business a much-needed boost.

The Business Enhance Program is facilitated through a one-on-one half day session, where we work collaboratively on your business. For more information on what to expect, scroll down!

What Will I Gain From a Business Enhance Coaching Session?

During your Business Enhance Coaching Session, we’ll take a ‘workshop’ approach to your needs, delving deep into the challenges you’re facing and the vision you’re holding. Our collaboration will guide you through your business tensions, realign you to your purpose, and reset the path to the vision you first imagined. Or, if necessary, we’ll make a new one.


We will devote a half day to working through any challenges you may be facing during your Business Enhance Coaching Session. Some topics and action points could include:

  • Developing cash flow strategies and forecasts for new products and services.
  • Addressing problems and solutions with employee development and management
  • Evaluation and development of business structures
  • Personal growth and empowerment abilities
  • Disposing of any self doubting tendencies
  • Management/staff training on some of the following topics has resulted in a loss of direction in the business:
    • Time management
    • Goal setting and task completion
    • Leadership and influence in conflict resolution
  • Finding a greater meaning in what you’re doing
Rachel Main

I’ve worked with a number of coaches in the past, yet within the first session with Giulio I
gained the clarity on my purpose that had alluded me before. I’m very grateful. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Giulio has challenged & then guided me into a revised business direction. He has done this with strength of character & empathy, grounded in personal experience. I would highly recommend him.

Mary Mastroianni

I’ve just completed my coaching course with Giulio, and it has been absolutely amazing, he
is so patient and got on so well. He has taught me so much about my business, myself and my stuff. I can’t wait to continue on with my sessions to see how far we can take this. I could not recommend he’s service enough. Absolutely amazing!

Meagan Cohn

My coaching course with Giulio has been incredibly helpful and insightful as well as
enjoyable. He is so practical, logical, strategic, and experienced while also guiding with kindness, emotional intelligence and understanding...I highly recommend Giulio and his services to any business owner and I look forward to the ongoing expansion and growth of my business with Giulio as my coach and guide.

Nicole Inskip

Working with Giulio was great! Giulio is friendly, honest and patient. Gaining clarity on my purpose and being reminded to use that to drive all of my business and personal decisions has been a turning point in a challenging time. I highly recommend Giulio. Thanks!

Dimi Jay

I had a great experience with Giulio! When I started with Giulio I was not clear on the direction of my business. I was just starting out and I was a little clueless ! I have now finished the program with a new business that I absolutely love ! I have confidence, a clear direction, a new business name and most importantly I got down to the deeper level of the ‘WHY’ behind my business.


Usually our clients pay $1,250 +GST for a half day session with Giulio Ranieri. For a limited time only, we have discounted this for new clients by 50%, totalling $625.

The Enhance Program will be delivered in-person for maximum benefit to our clients and the fee includes all travel disbursements. Before proceeding to commit to this program, we’d prefer if you book in a quick 30-minute chat below to discuss your challenges and growth objectives.


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