Business Enhance Program

Half Day Coaching and Mentoring Session

I come and Work With You within Your Business itself.

The Business Enhance Program is designed to give you a half day Focused Session to Get on top of some immediate issues that you want to take control of and give yourself and your business a much needed boost.

In the Business Enhance Program, I come and work with you within the Business itself. We will focus on any immediate issues that you’re working on and come up with targeted strategies to get you a much needed Boost.

There are times as a business owner when we need the guidance, support and creative eye of someone who has truly walked our path and understands what it’s like to be in our shoes as a business owner.

A sage advisor who has the wisdom and the know-how to move us through the fears, challenges and teething problems of being a ‘Business Newby’ trying to birth a business into the world, or to save us, as ‘Business Veterans’ from drowning under the relentless needs of an established business. 

A business that’s eclipsing the rest of our life. We all need someone who can act as a solid sounding board for our problems and offer us a trusted space to explore our creative thoughts. 

A business guide who can help us reshape who we are, redefine what we do and most of all, champion our ideas as we venture into new territory in the pursuit of our dreams.

In a ‘Business Enhance Coaching Session’, we’ll work together to do just that.

What happens in a ‘Business Enhance Coaching Session’?

In your ‘Business Enhance Coaching Session’ we’ll take a ‘workshop’ approach to your needs by deep-diving into the challenges you’re facing and the vision you’re holding. Our work together will steer you through your business tensions, realign you to your purpose and reset the path to the vision you initially dreamed of. Or, if need be, we’ll create a new one.

In your ‘Business Enhance Coaching Session’, we’ll have a half day dedicated to working on whatever challenges you may be working through. These may include:

  • Develop cash flow strategies and forecast for new product/service
  • Staff development/management issues and remedies
  • Business structure assessment and development
  • Management/staff training on some of the following:
    • Time management
    • Goal setting and getting things done
    • Conflict resolution
    • Leadership and Influence
  • Personal development and empowerment skills
  • Clearing any Confusion About What To Do Next
  • Lost Direction In The Business
  • Answering the Questions on The Current Business Path
  • Finding A Deeper Purpose In What You’re Doing

As we explore your situation, I’ll assist you in getting to the heart of any difficulties and to arrive at the source of the solution.

Your ‘Business Enhance Coaching Session’, will conclude with practical take-aways from our brainstorming of ideas, and valuable ‘to do’s for you to action will be targeted to your specific needs which we have worked through on the day.

What to do now

To Get Started:

  • Book in a time in the calendar below for a Free Assessment and Discovery of your current requirements.
  • You will be prompted to answer a couple of quick questions so I can get to know a little bit about you before our call. 
  • You’ll get an Email confirmation of the booking… don’t worry, I’ll get it too.
  • If you choose a Zoom call, I’ll email you a link before our talk.
  • If you choose a phone call, you’ll get a text confirming your appointment.

If you’re unsure or if you need help, just email me at and I’ll help you

Investment in Yourself: $1249 + GST

For Half Day Session at Your Business. Note additional cost may be incurred for additional travel.

*Prices include travel to Sydney Metro and Surrounds

*Assumed to be at your workplace or a venue of your choosing and cost.

* Session starts 8am and concludes 1pm

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