Client Testimonials

What My Clients Have To Say

Below are the stories and testimonials from my clients sharing their journey of change and growth which has pivoted their Business and Life Path… Many have come from the same place you are now. Are you ready to Create a New Vision and Path for Yourself?

“I’ve worked with a number of coaches in the past, yet within the first session with Giulio I gained the clarity on my purpose that had alluded me before. I’m very grateful. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Giulio has challenged & then guided me into a revised business direction. He has done this with strength of character & empathy, grounded in personal experience. I would highly recommend him.”

Rachel MainHome by Human

“I contacted Giulio at a time when we had a downturn in our business. Because of this, I lacked drive and lost motivation. I was starting to feel lost.
Giulio is an amazing coach and person whom I could not speak highly enough of. Throughout his coaching program, I learned a lot about myself and gained a multitude of skills that are invaluable to our business. Giulio is extremely thorough, and attentive and goes above and beyond to help you. I felt genuine care.
The program has given our business a new direction and the future is looking promising. I once again have clarity and direction and am eager to grow our business. The program has been a major turnaround for me.
I would highly recommend the program to anyone. If you are thinking about it do not hesitate and give Giulio a call.”

Ben DodgeAkuna Pergolas and Decks

“My business had been doing pretty well over the past few years but I had a lot of doubts over the decisions I was making. I thought it was worth reaching out to see if there were blind spots. Giulio was fantastic at delving deep into the business and giving me insights and strategies on how I could improve. Now I have the confidence to make the tough decisions needed and I’ve made huge improvements almost immediately after starting with Giulio!”

Paul Hughes

“I’ve just completed my coaching course with Giulio, and it has been absolutely amazing, he is so patient and got on so well. He has taught me so much about my business, myself and my stuff. I can’t wait to continue on with my sessions to see how far we can take this. I could not recommend his service enough. Absolutely amazing!”

Mary MastroianniGlenrose Beauty Gallery

“My coaching course with Giulio has been incredibly helpful and insightful as well as enjoyable. He is so practical, logical, strategic, and experienced while also guiding with kindness, emotional intelligence and understanding. He has been very supportive and positive while also pushing me just the right amount, so I am accountable and actually get things DONE – which is not usually my strength! The coupling of personal coach and business coach is an excellent and unique combination that I feel is absolutely essential for any type of business owner, especially the ones that have their heart invested in what they are creating & building. Giulio has consistently been very attentive, professional, considerate and been able to hold space for me when emotions come up too. I felt instantly very comfortable with him which made it easy for me to share anything and everything that was personally affecting me and therefore, affecting my business. I highly recommend Giulio and his services to any business owner and I look forward to the ongoing expansion and growth of my business with Giulio as my coach and guide.”

Megan CohnLotus Healing and Wellness Centre

“I had a great experience with Giulio! When I started with Giulio I was not clear on the direction of my business. I was just starting out and I was a little clueless ! I have now finished the program with a new business that I absolutely love ! I have confidence, a clear direction, a new business name and most importantly I got down to the deeper level of the ‘WHY’ behind my business. This was all done by using Giulio’s efficient teaching tools and techniques within his program. Getting down to the deeper level of the ‘why’ has been a game changer for me and for my business. It has given me more drive and passion to make my dream into a reality ! Thank you so much Giulio , your course has been an invaluable experience. I look forward to working with you again in the near future !!”

Dimi JayInspired Table by Dimi

“I was actually at my breaking point! When I first started, I was really amazed by how Giulio customized the sessions to nurture my brand and what my needs were. I felt like the weight on my shoulders was just gone. I’ve seen a lot of changes in terms of my effectiveness and how my business has run and just overall quality of everything as well. All within the first 4 weeks”

Grace Chim

“Working with Giulio was great! Giulio is friendly, honest and patient. Gaining clarity on my purpose and being reminded to use that to drive all of my business and personal decisions has been a turning point in a challenging time. I highly recommend Giulio. Thanks!”

Nicole InskipSessions Hair Studio

The Business In You Discovery Call

The path of business ownership can be a tricky one at best. Whether you’re a ‘Business Newby’ in your first few years of business or, you’re a ‘Business Veteran’ and you’ve been at the helm for many moons, business ownership can be a lonely path indeed. At times, we can be gripped by self-doubt, overwhelmed by confusion and feel as though we’re drowning in a tsunami of pressures that seem endless. It’s easy then, to lose our way and become blind to our ‘Why’; Why we got into the business in the first place.

Without the clarity of our ‘Why’ to guide us, we can begin to question whether our work is our purpose and there’s a purpose to our work.

‘The Business in You’ is a (8 Week) Journey of powerful self-discovery seamlessly interlinked with a business redesign to help you rediscover your ‘why’, reclaim your purpose and start shaping your business into a form that’s uniquely you.

Together, with me guiding you, we’ll explore your personal blind-spots which may be inhibiting your ability to reach your highest potential, both in business and in life. We’ll take the best of your strengths, buffer your weaknesses, and capitalise on the talents that make you uniquely ‘you’. And we’ll ensure your business mirrors to the outside world your inner gifts, your deepest values, your highest purpose and most of all, your ‘Why’ for doing what you do.

If you want to see how it can work for you, book a free call below.