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3 Steps to Deal With Stress of Running a Business

By March 21, 2022April 8th, 2022No Comments

Are you feeling like you’re constantly stressed and anxious? Today I want to talk about the 3 key steps of balancing and controlling your stress levels at work.

Running a business comes with stress, anxiety and can sometimes lead to depression and disconnection with the business and people around you.

– As a business owner it’s really important to maintain a healthy mind and body,
– being stressed impacts this
– it takes your personal energy away from you both physical and emotional

3 key steps to balancing and controlling your stress levels at work

1. Identify the stress points and triggers
– Keep a note book and write down or voice record on your phone when you’re stressed or anxious and what happened at that moment to trigger that
– is it a particular client
– is a certain time of the week/day
– is monetary
– is it a particular employee or supplier
– is it the business itself

2. Make a plan
– Understand that we all have them and its normal
– Ask what makes you feel good?
– Go for a walk
– Go to the gym
– Step outside
– Meditate – block off a time in your calendar to meditate
– Turn off the phone for a period of time – return calls between certain hours only
– Close the emails – only look at them between certain times

3. Get rid of it – do it for your health
– If it’s a particular client, why keep working with them. Money isn’t a good reason to stay. Think of all the down time you have from managing them and dealing with the stress they cause you and where that energy could better be spent

– An employee. I’ve heard people keep a disruptive person with bad attitude merely because they do their job well. What’s the impact of keeping that person there, not only to you but to the other people around them. There is someone else out there that can do their job just as well, you need to let them go. Their toxic energy is infecting your business

– Is it the business? If so, you need to step back and reconnect with why you started the business. What’s the purpose behind why you’re doing it. If you’ve been in it for a long period, then maybe the reasons have changed, your motivations have changed.

– If it’s a monetary issue, refer to the annoying client taking all of your energy which may mean you’re not focusing on other clients. think about the last point about why you’re doing this? if you no longer love what you’re doing then that energy you are spending on the business is no longer at a great level. Sometimes its not only external economic factors but it can also be our personal disconnect with the business, we no longer believe in it or we need to reconnect with our belief and purpose.

So the 3 steps are:

– Identify the stress triggers
– Make a plan to overcome them
– Remove it all together… cut it out

Now its not a simple process and will require you to be persistent and stick to it. Its not going to completely get rid of stress but its more about managing it on your terms.

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