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Build a Positive Mindset and Overcome Your Everyday Negative Thoughts

By March 21, 2022April 8th, 2022No Comments

I think no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s within business or sport or anything that’s challenging yourself in life, you’re going to come up with this storm within our heads of negativity.

So how do you build a positive mindset and overcome your everyday negative thoughts?

In this video, I want to talk about setting up a nice strong mindset umbrella to help protect the core values and the things that are important to us that push us through and give us power, through the day.

I was having a conversation with my kids who play sport about how important it is to keep that strong mindset when you’re walking onto the field because you don’t want to let the outside noise or the past traumas or that fear of making a mistake stop you from performing or feeling that joy and power from what you’re trying to do.

So if you haven’t yet had a chance to download the Meaningful Values guide, I recommend you do it using this link

It’s got a full list of values there which you can refer to and build up your own powerful menu here underneath your mindset umbrella.

How To Tackle The Mindset:

1. We need to identify the triggers. These can be broken into three categories:

Who –

Who are the people around us that bring out those negative thoughts, or are saying negative things, or have that negative energy? You know the ones that generally just are negative about everything. They have something negative to say about what you’re trying to do specifically or negative about other people as well. They tend to bring in the bad energy into our lives and often cause some emotional chaos.

What –

What activity are we doing, or ‘What’ is it that happens to us that triggers that emotion. This could mean a particular activity at work which brings in those negative thoughts.

Where –

Is there a particular place, a job, a sports field, something that triggers the self doubts or the fear of failures or limiting beliefs in us? Generally linked to a pat trauma where we relate that place with that particular emotion.

How Do we Tackle the Triggers:

Keep a little logbook, a little journal, and write down when you’re triggered. Be specific about Is it a who or a what or a where, and then also write down what emotion that brought up.

This will help us to start identify what is causing us to break this mindset umbrella. We want to keep this firm and strong and we can only change our patterns when we understand what’s happening to us.

To overcome the triggers, we need to know where they’re coming from and then remove ourselves from those situations.

2. Identify the Myths that we Create in our Head.

These are the stories that we tell ourselves. Have you ever gone to do something and you spend 10 minutes, 20 minutes creating this story in your head about how it’s going to go wrong?

You begin this complete breakdown of everything that will go bad and how it will fail.

These might sound like: “I’m going to go out there perform badly”, “I’m not going to be able to present properly”, or “I’m going to start this business and it’s going to fail before it even gets started”.

You want to change the stories that we tell ourselves, we want to bring in the positivity and the strength of our mindset to change the stories to get rid of the triggers that we identified above, and try and minimize them.

You’re not going to get rid of it completely. It’s impossible to remove that storm completely. It’s always going to be there. Because it’s human nature, it’s who we are. But the idea is if we can set up some ways of tracking it and dealing with it, it gives us a bit of a formula to help control.

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