How do you motivate and inspire your Team?

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How do you Motivate and inspire your team? Motivation is an important aspect of business for yourself and staff. Are you struggling in maintaining motivation? In this video, I’m going to talk about how we can motivate and inspire your team and employees.

Motivating your team and yourself is important for the business and the overall healthy mindset of everyone involved

4 keys to Motivate your team

  1. Understand different forms of motivation
    o Intrinsic
    o Extrinsic
  2. Actually talk to your team
  3. Have a good understanding of your own motivations
  4. Develop a realistic plan

1. What’s the 2 main forms of motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is all about what’s important to the person. What is sit that drives them to succeed, what personal rewards are they seeking form the job, they really believe in their role and the business so they’re happy to do the work. They like the team they’re working with or the project that they’re working on or both. What’s ultimately important to them about the end game?

Extrinsic Motivation is about the external drivers and factors. These might include getting a bonus for sales, getting praise from the boss for doing a good job, going to work because they need the money.

2. Talk to your team, get to know what’s important to them… be genuine about this process

– Each person has different goals
– More holiday time with family might override a promise of a bonus for good performance
– A persons family life might be difficult, either struggling relationship or sick relative which might be impeding their performance. So more autonomy over their schedule might be better than writing them a letter of warning
– Are they challenged enough or too much..
– This shows that you’re trying to understand them better.
– It may even show you that they may not be a good long term fit for your company
– Will give you more of an insight to their behaviors and attitude at work

3. Understand what really motivates you…

– Know that your motivations as the business owner will be different to theirs
– Articulate why you do what you do, what motivates and inspires you
– Build that connection with your business so the team can really connect with something more than just “turnover”.
– Are the motivations in alignment with your goals.
– Help them believe in something more
– If you can’t connect with your own motivations and inspirations, how can you inspire those around you
– You need to do the work on yourself. Your team will look to you for why they should be motivated. If you are truly connected to what you’re doing, you will attract the right people to your team and motivation will be higher.

4. Develop a plan to implement: For individuals and overall business

– Now you know what the motivators are like, develop a plan with each team member or key employees on the best way to implement the motivators
– Create an overall motivation philosophy and culture within your business
– Create an inclusive environment for everyone to interact and contribute on some level; Whether it be a weekly catch up where they can share their wins and losses or even just a brainstorm and ideas meeting where they can all suggest new initiatives to better the workplace. This can be done anonymously via ‘suggestion sheets’ to ensure that everyone feels safe to contribute.

NOTE: your employees and team want to feel like they’re part of something bigger. Give them this sense of ownership and the motivations will rise

The steps to motivate your team are:
1. Understand the forms of motivation being intrinsic and extrinsic
2. Talk to your team and see what their true motivations are
3. Understand and reconnect with what motivates you
4. Make a plan to implement the motivators

Share your thoughts on what motivates you and the ideas you have on motivating your team.

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