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Warning: A Lot Business Owners Make This Mistake

By March 21, 2022April 8th, 2022No Comments

Just do it my way, it really is the best… have you ever caught yourself saying that out loud? In today’s video, I’m going to talk about why being the ‘boss’ and demanding your style of perfection is disrupting your business and; how you’re robbing yourself of time and  driving away potentially talented people from your business.

How to get out of your own way –

We all want to be great at what we do and do it perfectly, but how much energy are you expending in trying to get everyone in the business to do it your way?

– When do you cut your employee off and take over because they’re “just not doing it right”

– The attitude of “I’ll just do it myself” is pushing your employees and team away

– Its better to check over the work before they have marked it as completed, that way you’re giving them the opportunity of getting it done to a certain level

– Doing it for them is not teaching them

– People learn best by trying it themselves

What happens when you keep taking over:

– You’re forcing them to ultimately give up. How many times can someone hear “nope, that’s not how I like it done” before they just give up

– It diminishes their motivation and willingness to learn and try

– You’re disrupting employee and team development… they won’t get better at their job if you keep taking over

– If you keep giving them the answers, then they will stop trying to work it out themselves

What can you do to help your team

– Constructive criticism and reinforcement are key for their development. Encourage them to keep innovating and developing the business.

– Make them feel like they have some skin in the game

– Let them do it, even if it means them making some mistakes.

– You want to encourage them to come to you with new ideas and methods of completing the work, they won’t do it if you keep shutting them down because you like it done a certain way

– Get them to come to you with possible solutions to the problem to discuss… not just the problem itself. This shows that you’re allowing them to do the work to figure it out. This should ultimately reduce the number of times they come to you

But what if they just don’t get it:

– If they are obviously not capable and this is forcing you to complete the works then they’re not the right person for your business. Find someone new

– There’s a fear around having to ‘turn over’ employees, the time taken to train, induct into the process etc. but think of the time and energy you’re expending on persisting with the wrong person.

How is this impacting you:

– Micromanaging means you’re not focusing on other parts of the business
– Your making your own life harder.
– Your unable to grow and nurture your business

There’s also the attitude of “I just can’t find the right person”… well what if one of the people already working for you IS the right person but because you’re so over bearing, you won’t allow them to step up and do the job? It’s not always about the wrong person, sometimes it’s about the wrong approach

You can’t grow your business and develop it if you’re the key person in it. You also can’t get any balance in your life if you’re always under the pump at work. You don’t have to fully let go but you do have to learn to delegate and allow those around you to do their job. You may be surprised what you find… maybe some time for you?

So remember:
– Be mindful of taking over
– Let them discover their own path
– If its just not working then its okay to let them go
– Don’t sabotage your own time to micromanage

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